A personal thank you from me!

The perfect sunset to the end of an amazing weekend of shows…

This weekend has been a fabulous success! I want to thank everyone involved in their contribution to making ‘The Blue Bottle’ an excellent theatre experience for the children and families.  We saw four shows this weekend from the Junior AliCaT’s and I am so proud of all their achievements.

I personally would like to thank Shaun Batt for his amazing set, photography, filming of the show and encouragement throughout the whole process, Susie Pain for her hard work and dedication to the children and me, Fiona and Pearl Milton for their help and support and Mary Gould, Connie Gould, John Jones, Mum and Dad for their full commitment to the whole weekend.  I am so happy and so thankful to everyone involved!

Ali owner of AliCaT

Ali  xx