A Junior Production June 2016

An AliCaT Junior Production  – Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th June 2016

Box Office: susie@alicat.me/01275 791275 or at your child’s next class.

Archibald’s War (2016)

Archibald Poster 2016

Lucy’s Grandma remembers 1939… A little girl, Maggie, clutches her precious teddy bear.  She’s being evacuated and it’s noisy, crowded and busy in the station.  Still, at least she’s got her teddy bear, Archibald!  Maggie and her brother Tom share a compartment with their friends: weepy Edith, and the loud, boisterous Baxters.  It’s a long journey, but the Guard is friendly and the children look after each other – when they’re not arguing!  Arriving in the countryside, the children wait to be picked by the host families.  Only then does Maggie realise she’s left Archibald on the train… As Lucy listens to her Grandma’s memories, she doesn’t guess the surprising ending to Archibald’s story.