Backwell Playhouse Bookings Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Hire

  1. Seating at the Playhouse is strictly limited to 99
  2. Leave the Playhouse as found – including scenery, position of lights, sound equipment, general tidiness etc
  3. Film/projection equipment must not be moved or used without specific permission
  4. All licences, royalties etc to be arranged and paid for by the hirer with no performance without appropriate permissions or royalties having been paid
  5. Any damage or missing equipment to be corrected by the hirers at their own cost
  6. A person not involved in other duties must take responsibility for Front of House/Health and Safety during public performances
  7. Hirers should be aware of all fire exits which must be kept clear at all times
  8. Hirers must make their own arrangements for the operation of lighting and sound equipment in the event of not hiring a Backwell Playhouse Theatre Technician
  9. The Playhouse allows access between the hours of 10:00am to 11:00pm, Monday to Sunday
  10. The Booking Manager will inform you of dates available for hire following your Booking Form submission
  11. Backwell Playhouse do not guarantee the dates you have applied for
  12. As the Playhouse is in a residential area, public performances should finish by 10.30pm and all personnel have left the premises by 11.00pm


  1. Booking Fee £30 (one off payment to cover costs for key holders and administration)
  2. Standard hire of the Theatre £15 (per hour to access and use the premises)
  3. Technical Rehearsal £100 (covers the use of all equipment, i.e. lighting, lighting desk, audio, and utility overheads between the hours of 10am and 10:30pm)
  4. Performance £150 (per performance)

Hire Example below: A small company want the theatre on:
Monday between 10am and 6pm normal hire
Tuesday between 10am and 6pm including 1 x tech and 2 x performances.

Expected Expenditure:
Monday £90
Tuesday £90 + £100 + £300

Expected income:
99 seats x 2 = 198 tickets
Cost / Tickets Sold = £2.93 per Ticket
If a ticket is sold for £10 the income will be:
£10 – £2.93 x 198 = £1,399.86

NET Income:
£1399.86 – £580 = £819.86

The Playhouse has paid for the right for music to be played in the auditorium as the audience enter and leave and for overture music- but NOT for music to be played in the foyer.

By accepting these terms and conditions the Hirer confirms that they have their own public liability insurance policy

All BPH members please contact the BPH Booking Manager for personal hire.