Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year to all our lovely families at AliCaT.

Here’s to a great 7 months of performances in March, June and July 2020!

Our job now is to support every child to develop self confidence, amazing teamwork and an appreciation of the process of theatre.

Thank you all for your support…Ali x


Looking for a song writer

AliCaT is looking for a musician/lyricist who can help in the AliCaT curriculum, helping to develop and tap into children’s learning of basic skills in drama.  Please contact me if you think you can help.  I’m looking for the development of storytelling, line learning and basic tips on drama techniques all through the media of music and rhythms….Ali x

The start of term at AliCaT!

All I can say it’s going to be a great year!  What fabulous children and families are part of AliCaT this year, from old faces to new!  What I love is that the door is always open, whether you’ve taken a break and decided to come back or you’ve received recommendations about the company and are trying it out for yourself!…so many lovely families have come through those theatre doors this week…thank you…we all look forward to the year ahead…Ali xx

The King’s Men – A Senior Production

A Senior Production, ‘The King’s Men’ at Backwell Playhouse on Saturday 13 July 2019 @ 7.30pm and Sunday 14 July @ 7.30pm.

A story about theatre.  It follows a troupe of actors ‘The King’s Men’ through the ages. We discover how theatre has evolved from Primitive theatre to Renaissance and how we see the modern theatre of today… come along to learn the influences, the cultures and the changes in different countries that have evolved over the decades…

The Odd Couple – Backwell Playhouse 2019

Dear All, this is a short trailer for “The Odd Couple”, female version…originally performed by Jack Lemon and Walter Matthau. This is a great play in two acts and very funny.

Quick synopsis:
When fussy Florence (Jenny Schaefer) becomes suicidal over her impending divorce, she accepts an offer to move in with her best friend, messy Olive (Helen Coupe). Florence drives Olive crazy with her obsession over her soon-to-be ex. Olive tries to get Florence out of her recent separation by arranging a double date with two wacky Spanish neighbours…

You will have a great time…so far we have had great attendance…highly recommended by me…Ali


Backwell Playing Fields Fair



Saturday June 8th 2019 @ 11.30am – 4.00pm

Backwell Playhouse and AliCaT Children and Theatre are very excited to be involved in this summers event at Backwell playing fields.  A charity event celebrating it’s the 90th Anniversary…Please come along and support this wonderful event!!  ALL FAMILIES WELCOME


What’s on in June 2019

‘THE KEY MASTER’ a Junior AliCaT Production

“Oh no! Not another supply teacher!”  say the children.  But their lesson is far from boring, as their history teacher transforms into the quirky Keymaster and takes them on a colourful journey through time.  When they finally get the key to the future, they are alarmed.  They see for themselves that today is tomorrow’s history, and realise that things need to change!



Show Weekend!

It’s been an extraordinary weekend of shows for the Foundation classes and what amazing performances they gave.  Thank you to all who came to support the children and sharing your lovely feedback! A huge personal thank you also to my fabulous team who make this theatre experience the best!!

Ali x

Drawing courtesy of Freddie, one fabulous ‘Litter Muncher’!

The Litter Muncher


Final stages of the set… a very busy weekend of preparations.  The ‘flagstones’ are designed to help children with spatial awareness.

Please support this complete theatre experience for children.  Our job as educators is to teach and nurture life skills that will give children the tools to succeed in life…Tickets still available! Contact us!