Eddie the Penguin Story

This is the story of ‘Eddie the Penguin Saves the World’. An environmental musical for children aged 4-8 years, written by Niki Davies, performed by AliCaT Children and Theatre 2015.

AliCaT Children and Theatre uses the theatre setting to nurture a learning environment that is safe to explore common themes or issues, develop interpersonal skills and support growth and connection in a creative way.

This story is the perfect backdrop to teach children about environmental issues occurring around the world. The play takes Eddie and his family of Penguins on adventures where they discover problems to solve from the pollution of our cities, excess energy used, the cause and effect of the chopping down of trees to landfill sites that are full and very very smelly!

On their journey they meet Polar Bears that are fed up with the situation, humans that are unaware of the effects of nasty pollution and energy wasting and finally a Prime Minister that is happy to support a clean up of the cities!

This story is an excellent resource to go on to develop extension activities that can really cement a child’s understanding of their responsibilities in this wonderful world we live in…

For further information on this production or an interest in supporting children’s learning, please contact Ali on ali@alicat.me


A Foundation Production March 2017

 We’re very excited to be staging our latest Foundation Production of ‘Alien Home’, written especially for AliCaT Children and Theatre by local  author Sarah Henderson. A great storyline capturing every child’s imagination with catchy original songs and even space projection! Follow the children’s adventure through the various quirky planets to discover there’s no place like home!

A Junior Production June 2016

An AliCaT Junior Production  – Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th June 2016

Box Office: susie@alicat.me/01275 791275 or at your child’s next class.

Archibald’s War (2016)

Archibald Poster 2016

Lucy’s Grandma remembers 1939… A little girl, Maggie, clutches her precious teddy bear.  She’s being evacuated and it’s noisy, crowded and busy in the station.  Still, at least she’s got her teddy bear, Archibald!  Maggie and her brother Tom share a compartment with their friends: weepy Edith, and the loud, boisterous Baxters.  It’s a long journey, but the Guard is friendly and the children look after each other – when they’re not arguing!  Arriving in the countryside, the children wait to be picked by the host families.  Only then does Maggie realise she’s left Archibald on the train… As Lucy listens to her Grandma’s memories, she doesn’t guess the surprising ending to Archibald’s story.

A Foundation Production March 2016

Saturday 19th March and Sunday 20th March at 2.00pm and 4.30pm

Stella the Starfish (2016)

Stella the Starfish Foundation 2016Stella the Starfish is a magical underwater tale with an important message about being helpful to others.  Stella is found, lost and alone, at the bottom of Sophie and Bonny’s aquarium.  When the children agree to help reunite Stella with her family, they are transported into the ocean by a magic conch shell.  They seek the advice of the colourful sea creatures, but none are able or willing to help.  Eventually they arrive at the mouth of Sid the Shark’s cave, hoping he will be able to help them.  Mysterious Sid sings them a riddle but then promptly disappears.  Will Stella and her friends follow Sid’s instructions and solve the riddle to find her family?

A Senior Production July 2015

Aesops Musical Foibles (2015):

AliCaT Aesops Fables Poster 2015

The audience will be highly entertained by the menagerie of voices in poor Aesop’s head.  The resentful Fox, the egomaniac Hare, the sluggish Tortoise, the zen-like Grasshopper and the Aunt and more come to life as hysterical characters onstage that only Aesop and your audience can see and hear.  With his mind crowded with all these big personalities, Aesop can hardly think straight.  The only way to peace of mind and freedom is to let out the characters and share them with the world.

A Junior Production June 2015

Tickets now on sale. . .

Please see Susie at your next class or email her by clicking this link Susie for more information.

Porridge (2015):

AliCaTs next production Porridge 2015When a crime wave hits Happy Valley, there’s a caseload of mysteries to be solved!

  • Who’s stolen Ma Hubbard’s recipe book?
  • Who’s kidnapped Marigold the cow?
  • And what dirty secret is Papa Bear hiding behind his Porridge empire?

It’s down to Private Detective Jack Spratt to uncover the terrifying truth in this tale of mystery, mayhem and breakfast cereal!

Join Jack, Goldie Locks and a cast of crazy characters including barmy billy goats, loopy lumberjacks, a potty police squad and a runaway cow in this brand new side-splitting musical comedy.

A Foundation Production March 2015

Eddie the Penguin Saves the World (2015):

AliCaT Eddie the Penguin Poster 2015Eddie the Penguin discovers that the world he lives in is changing and that the ice is melting!  He decides to take his family to find a new home at the North Pole, where he meets Peggy Polar Bear and discovers that human beings are causing the ice to melt.  Eddie goes on a mission to save the planet and let the world know how they can change things for the better.

A Senior Production July 2014

Midsummer Night’s Dream (2014):

AliCaT Midsummer Nights Dream Poster 2014“A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” William Shakespeare’s most popular comedy, was written around 1594 or 95. It portrays the adventures of four young lovers and a group of amateur actors, their interactions with woodland fairies and a duke and duchess. Taking place in a mythical Athens and an enchanted forest, there is a handsome fairy king, a misguided parent, star-crossed lovers, a weaver who’s transformed into a half-donkey, wood sprites and elves.  It’s about the world’s most popular pastime, falling in love. But as Puck knows, falling in love can make fools of us all.

A Junior Production June 2014

We Are Monsters (2014):

AliCaT We are Monsters Poster 2014We Are Monsters is a hilarious new musical that follows human kids into a monster cabaret filled with quirky monster characters. The adventurous humans uncover vegetarian vampires and rock n’ roll werewolves, gradually realizing there may be more to these monsters than meets the eye! Most importantly these monsters and kids discover the importance of friendship and celebrating in the attributes that make each of us different and unique.

A Foundation Production March 2014

Go to sleep Stanley Peep (2014):

AliCaT Go to Sleep Stanley Peep Poster 2014This is the story of imagination and adventure.  Stanley Peep has a bit of a problem, he is afraid of the dark.  He is so afraid that he always sleeps with his night light on.  But one night the light breaks and Stanley’s vivid imagination begins to take him lots of adventures.  He gets chased by playful fairies and elves, he teaches his toys the alphabet, he gets swept away to sea discovering mermaids, sea monsters and treasure! He even helps his clothes solve the problem of the sock monster! Stanley finally realises that having an imagination can be fun and decides he is not afraid of the dark anymore.

A Senior Production July 2013

Through the Looking Glass (2013):

AliCaT Through-the Looking glass Poster 2013This silly adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass depicts the coming of age story with fun twists and music everyone will adore.  You’ll recognize some of your favourite characters of Wonderland and meet dozens of new ones along Alice’s journey!  As a pawn from the second square of the chessboard, Alice must travel to the eighth square to accomplish her goal of becoming a queen.  Each step of her passage brings her face to face with new characters and adventures as well as celebrations when she achieves each aspiration.

A Junior Production June 2013

Everything’s Groovy (2013):

AliCaT Everything's Groovy Poster 2013Travis, Muriel and Alice bring together the Music, Beads and Flowers celebration.  They call upon the popular singing group, The Lemon Bugs, who love the idea.  When the message goes out that The Bugs will donate their talent, crazily-painted busses start arriving at Crumb’s Apple Farm, the site of the festival.  Everything is cool until Mrs Porter, who hates ‘The Love Generation’, arrives and demands that the local police shut down the happening.  To make matters even worse, two music promoters offer the Lemon Bugs a deal they can’t refuse if they will skip the celebration. In the end all comes together of course, and the Music, Beads and Flowers celebration rocks on.

A Foundation Production June 2013

Benjamin Writer-Messy (2013):

AliCaT BWM Poster 2013Benjamin Writer-Messy, as his name suggests, is a story about a boy who has messy handwriting. He always tries his best, but not matter how hard he tries, his writing still looks a mess! Living in Pencil Land, handwriting is of course, of great importance. Benjamin knows he needs to find a way to improve his writing so he has a chance of doing well in an upcoming handwriting competition. He decides to visit the mystical Handwriting Queen to see if she can help. Will Benjamin learn to write beautifully and win the competition? Benjamin Writer-Messy will show children that anything is possible as long as you have the determination and will to succeed.

A Senior Production July 2012

The Dracula Spectacular Show (2012):

AliCaT Dracula Poster 2012The Dracula Spectacular tells the tale of the forces of good against evil as the Lord of the Vampires seeks to seduce the sweet and vulnerable American school teacher, Miss Nadia Naïve.  She is protected by handsome English doctor Nick Necrophilia and his friend Father O’Stake, who are also assisted by Herr Hans and Frau Gretel.  The Count, his sidekick Genghis, and his mother Countess Wraith have created a blood-like substance on which they survive and they plan to take over the world using an army of undead creatures.  Good meets evil at the castle by the black lake as the show speeds towards a thrilling climax and an intriguing twist.

A Junior Production June 2012

Pirates of the Curry Bean (2012):

AliCaT Pirates Poster 2012Young twins Jack & Liza Periwinkle yearn for adventure, so imagine their joy at discovering a real life treasure map! But when the infamous Redbeard and his pungent Pirates of the Curry Bean steal the map and kidnap their mother, the race is on to rescue her, reclaim the map and find the treasure! Accompanied by their faithful cat Fiddlesticks, the twins join a mad admiral and his crazy crew on a voyage of adventure that takes them from Old London Docks to the mysterious island of Lumbago in the sea of Sciatica!

1st Foundation Production 2012

Tattybogle (2012):

AliCaT Tattybogle Poster 2012Tattybogle the scarecrow has a head full of straw and cheerful thoughts.  The rain is his music, the birds and animals his friends and the wind is his dancing partner.  Nothing gets him down, he loves everything, even the crows!  Then one day the Autumn wind is so strong that Tattybogle is blown to pieces.  All that is left of him is an old stick, but he never loses hope.  Spring turns out to be the start of a glorious new life for him as his stick takes root and he becomes a tree!

A Senior Production July 2011

Rock Toyz (2011):

AliCaT Rock Toyz Poster 2011In the big house at the top of the hill there’s something very strange going on. It’s way past bed time and a little girls toys have come to life, complete with their own rock’n’roll soundtrack! – Reality has ceased, the Party has begun!

All is,”Tip o’ the Mark” and “Hip to that Chart” until a new Toy arrives, then the action starts.

– Oh, and do remember – “Happy ever after is a State of Mind”!!

Rock Toyz blends the traditional story of Cinderella with the vibrant dance and energetic music of contemporary stage classics like Grease. It’s a fun, fantasy tale with attitude about what happens when the Toyz from the attic meet the Ratz from the cellar, with love, leather jackets, cartoon comedy, and 150 metres of ribbon thrown in! What more can we say? Continue reading

A Junior Production What a Knight 2011 (sun)

AliCaT production What a Knight (Sun)

What a Knight (2011):

When young squire Watt Cobblers is expelled from Knight School, he reluctantly becomes Merlin’s new apprentice. But trouble is never far away, and soon Camelot Castle collapses into chaos. Merlin has lost Excalibur, King Arthur’s daughters have been kidnapped and his brave knights have turned into chickens. Watt and his new found friends Dusty Dragon and wayward Princess Alice set off on the biggest quest of their lives.