A Junior Production 2011 What a Knight (Sat)

AliCaT production of What a Knight (Sat)

What a Knight (2011):

When young squire Watt Cobblers is expelled from Knight School, he reluctantly becomes Merlin’s new apprentice. But trouble is never far away, and soon Camelot Castle collapses into chaos. Merlin has lost Excalibur, King Arthur’s daughters have been kidnapped and his brave knights have turned into chickens. Watt and his new found friends Dusty Dragon and wayward Princess Alice set off on the biggest quest of their lives.

A Junior Production The Rainmaker 2010

AliCaT production of The Rainmaker

The Rainmaker (2010):

A group of children in a drought-ridden country embark upon a journey to find the Lord of the Rain.  Learning secrets about ‘medicine’ and ‘power’ from the animals of the Rainforest, Chep discovers his own true colours as he helps the Rainmakers to overthrow the evil Kongan Hab, recover the rain capes and finally discover the biggest secret of all from the Rainmaker himself.

1st Junior Production The Selfish Giant 2009

AliCaT production of The Selfish Giant

The Selfish Giant (2009):

The Giant returns from his 7 year holiday with the Cornish Ogre to find children playing in his garden.  He builds a high wall to keep them out but the garden is then invaded by raucous characters that plague him.  Spring never returns and it is always winter until one day the giant meets a boy who needs his help.

“It is truly magical to see children (some of whom I thought prior to today were very short on confidence) performing so brilliantly and clearly really, really enjoying themselves and having enormous fun.  I think you are teaching the children skills that will be so invaluable during the course of their lives.  Thank you very, very much.”

               (K. Rowland, ‘The Selfish Giant’)