Eddie the Penguin Story

This is the story of ‘Eddie the Penguin Saves the World’. An environmental musical for children aged 4-8 years, written by Niki Davies, performed by AliCaT Children and Theatre 2015.

AliCaT Children and Theatre uses the theatre setting to nurture a learning environment that is safe to explore common themes or issues, develop interpersonal skills and support growth and connection in a creative way.

This story is the perfect backdrop to teach children about environmental issues occurring around the world. The play takes Eddie and his family of Penguins on adventures where they discover problems to solve from the pollution of our cities, excess energy used, the cause and effect of the chopping down of trees to landfill sites that are full and very very smelly!

On their journey they meet Polar Bears that are fed up with the situation, humans that are unaware of the effects of nasty pollution and energy wasting and finally a Prime Minister that is happy to support a clean up of the cities!

This story is an excellent resource to go on to develop extension activities that can really cement a child’s understanding of their responsibilities in this wonderful world we live in…

For further information on this production or an interest in supporting children’s learning, please contact Ali on ali@alicat.me