A Junior Production June 2015

Tickets now on sale. . .

Please see Susie at your next class or email her by clicking this link Susie for more information.

Porridge (2015):

AliCaTs next production Porridge 2015When a crime wave hits Happy Valley, there’s a caseload of mysteries to be solved!

  • Who’s stolen Ma Hubbard’s recipe book?
  • Who’s kidnapped Marigold the cow?
  • And what dirty secret is Papa Bear hiding behind his Porridge empire?

It’s down to Private Detective Jack Spratt to uncover the terrifying truth in this tale of mystery, mayhem and breakfast cereal!

Join Jack, Goldie Locks and a cast of crazy characters including barmy billy goats, loopy lumberjacks, a potty police squad and a runaway cow in this brand new side-splitting musical comedy.