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ALIEN HOME PHOTOGRAPHSAlien Home poster image

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There is a selection of poses; head and shoulder; portrait; group; in the Rocket; and black and white.

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Archibald’s War Photos – Groups 1, 2, 3, and 4

Alicat Archibalds War poster

Stella the Starfish – Group 1
Stella the Starfish - Group 1 AliCaT

Stella the Starfish – Group 2
Stella the Starfish - Group 2 AliCaT

Stella the Starfish – Group 3
Stella the Starfish - Group 3 AliCaT

Stella the Starfish – Group 4
Stella the Starfish - Group 4 AliCaT

Eddie the Penguin – Day 1
20150317_AliCaT_ETP-Day 1-1000417

Eddie the Penguin – Day 2
20150318_AliCaT_ETP-Day 2-1010057

Eddie the Penguin – Day 3
20150319_AliCaT_ETP-Day 3-1010441

Eddie the Penguin – Day 4

Eddie the Penguin slide show
The video below is a 30 second sample of the video story book read by Alison at AliCaT – the actual video has a total running time of just over 16 minutes, in full HD digital video.

Click the link above and fill out the contact form to order your digital video file
(we are aiming to have a link here so you can download the digital file very soon)

The video includes a selection of photos from all the Eddie the Penguin groups.

Porridge – Group 1

Porridge – Group 2
20150624_AliCaT_Porridge-Group 2-1020687

Porridge – Group 3
20150625_AliCaT_Porridge-Group 3-1030016

Porridge – Group 4
20150626_AliCaT_Porridge-Group 4-1030412

Aesops – Group 1
20150726_AliCaT_Aesopes_Group 1-2923

Aesops – Group 2
20150726_AliCaT_Aesopes_Group 2-2966

Summer School Junior – Day 1
20150730_AliCaT_Summer School_Junior_Day 1-1040667

Summer School Junior – Day 2
20150731_AliCaT_Summer School_Junior_Day 2-1050166

Summer School Senior – Day 1
20150813_AliCaT_Summer School_Senior-Day 1-34

Summer School Senior – Day 2
20150814_AliCaT_Summer School_Senior_Day 2-76

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