Term Dates

20161Monday 12 SeptemberFriday 21 October
20162Monday 31 OctoberFriday 16 December
20173Monday 3 JanuaryFriday 10 February
20174Monday 20 FebruaryFriday 7 April
20175Monday 24 AprilFriday 19 May
20166Monday 5 JuneTuesday 18 July

AliCaT dress rehearsal and performance timetable 2017

Age GroupClassDress RehearsalShow Date
and Time
Foundation (4-7)Tuesday21 March 4-5pm25 March 2:00pm
Wednesday22 March 4-5pm25 March 4:30pm
Thursday 23 March 4-5pm
26 March 2:00pm
Friday24 March 4-5pm26 March 4:30pm
Junior (7-11)Tuesday20 June 5:15-6:45pm24 June 2:30pm
Wednesday21 June 5:15-6:45pm24 June 7:00pm
Thursday 22 June 5:15pm
25 June 2:30pm
Friday23 June 5:15-6:45pm25 June 7:00pm
Senior (11-16)Monday14 July 4:45-6:45pm (Friday)15 July 7:30pm
Tuesday14 July 7:30-9:30pm (Friday)16 July 7:30pm

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