Term Dates

20171Monday 11 SeptemberFriday 20 October
20172Monday 30 OctoberFriday 15 December
20183Monday 8 JanuaryFriday 09 February
20184Monday 19 FebruaryFriday 23 March
20185Monday 09 AprilFriday 25 May
20186Monday 04 JuneTuesday 17 July

AliCaT dress rehearsal and performance timetable 2017

Age GroupClassDress RehearsalShow Date
and Time
Foundation (4-7)Tuesday17 April 4-5pm21 April 2:00pm
Wednesday18 April 4-5pm21 April 4:30pm
Thursday 19 April 4-5pm
22 April 2:00pm
Friday20 April 4-5pm22 April 4:30pm
Junior (7-11)Tuesday19 June 5:15-6:45pm23 June 2:30pm
Wednesday20 June 5:15-6:45pm23 June 7:00pm
Thursday 21 June 5:15pm
24 June 2:30pm
Friday22 June 5:15-6:45pm24 June 7:00pm
Senior (11-16)Monday13 July 4:45-6:45pm (Friday)14 July 7:30pm
Tuesday13 July 7:30-9:30pm (Friday)15 July 7:30pm

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