Update on Coronavirus


Dear All

Based on government advice and media reports I would make the following recommendations and hope you all agree:

For Foundation and Preschool classes:  

I would like to suggest that I temporarily stop these classes for the protection of the children and primarily all the adults. What I’m looking to do is encourage adults not to congregate in the foyer and I see this as a positive measure. 

For Junior and Senior classes: 

I would like to continue as usual but I would strongly suggest the children are dropped off at the door and met by myself or my staff and likewise collected at the door to prevent crowd gatherings.

Eddie the Penguin Production:

Currently ‘Eddie the Penguin’ set design is going ahead, production is being completed and I’m hoping to reschedule the show with a possible slot in April/May.  This I hope to confirm by the end of this week.

The decisions I have made for a sound contingency is based on current Government advice. Again, I hope you all agree.

Many thanks for your support in this time of uncertainty…

Keep safe